Re: caleo was [calendar]

From: Jean Kelly
Message: 17453
Date: 2003-01-07

Pete Gray wrote:
>>the old Latin festival of Veles, of whom I have never heard, and who is
not in my (big) Latin dictionary

According to Jaan Puhvel (1987, "Comparative Mythology"), there was a
Lithuanian god known as Velinas (Velnias, Vels, “devil”) [227]. He had only
one eye, so can be compared with Odin; According to M. Gimbutas ("The
Lithuanian god Velinas" in "Myth in Indo-European Antiquity", ed. Lawson,
G.J., Littleton, C.S. & Puhvel, J. (1974), 87-92), the term "Velinas's eye"
was often used for pools in forests [88]. Velinas can also be compared with
a god in the Baltic pantheon known as Pecullus [Puhvel 1987: 228].

Jean Kelly