Re: [tied] caleo was [calendar]

From: danjmi
Message: 17451
Date: 2003-01-07

You shouldn't find Veles in a Latin dictionary-- Veles (Velesu/
Volusu) was a Slavic God, although Puhvel in his Comparative
Mythology suggests a connection to 'Volsi' (umlauted o) the sacred
horse phallus manipulated in Norwegian fertility magic.
Hope you had a sacred horse phallus for your birthday, Glen!
Dan Milton

--- In, "P&G" <petegray@...> wrote:
> hApPy BiRtHdAy gLeN !
> Though actually, of course, you should add 11 days to make your
> coincide with the old Latin festival of Veles, of whom I have
never heard,
> and who is not in my (big) Latin dictionary.
> Peter