Re: [tied] Russian for Homerus

From: Sergejus Tarasovas
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Date: 2003-01-06

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> But my students in Moscow told me about a newspaper article with the
> headline 'Dirty Garry', referring to Velikobritaniya's Prince Harry,
> and his supposed pot-smoking!

But the name has been borrowed long before now -- at least two centuries
ago. <g> survives in that case (that's what I meant by "traditional
names"). It's completely new first names or last names (the latter being
"new" in most cases by default) that are processed by the new

> And yet the WWII memorial plaque in the
> Kreml' records a certain Eyzjen_kh_auer Duayt Deyvid for the SShA

A last name ("new" by default), thus <x>.

> [along with Montgomeri Bernard Lou,

A rather rare exception -- a traditional (borrowed before the fifties)
last name, thus <g>.