Re: [tied] Clusters (Was: Laryngeal Loss)

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2003-01-04

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Subject: [tied] Re: Laryngeal Loss (was Does Koenraad Elst Meet HockĀ“s Challenge?)

> Do the heavy initial
> clusters of Polish include
> (predictable) silent vowels? The
> notion is inspired by some remarks
> in Piotr's paper on presigmatised
> plosives.

They are analysed as involving silent vowels by proponents of Government Phonology -- but this is that school's routine treatment of funny clusters in _any_ language. Anyway, it's an abstract phonological analysis. There are no surface vowels there, and the native speaker's judgement is that words like <mdlec'> 'faint', <rdest> 'knotweed' or <krtan'> 'larynx' are monosyllabic (they also function as such in poetry).