Re: caleo was [calendar]

From: tolgs001
Message: 17291
Date: 2002-12-26

>The Rom. verb " a inc√£lzi" =" to warm" is tought to
>come from "cald" from Latin "calidus"

It isn't... "thought" to be, but it *is* a derivated form
from "cald" (< cal'dus, -a, -um). Just try to...
deverbalize "in-" + "cald" +"-ire" by ignoring
"cald". If you succeed, I'm gonna call up the Nobel
Prize Committee in order to place a proposal. Or
at least its counterpart concerning the Guinness
book. :-)

And remember "-d-" > "-z-" as an everyday's
occurrence: singular masculine "cald", plural
masculine "calzi"; indicative present tense 1st
person "cad" (I fall / I'm falling), indicative
present tense 2nd person "cazi" (you fall /
you're falling); ibidem "cred" & "crezi";
ibidem "scald" & "scalzi" (bathe); again an
adj. "verde (green) & (masculine, plural)
"verzi"; "vad" (I see; I'm seeing) & "vezi"
(you see; you're seeing).


merry Xmas,