Re: [tied] blind

From: tgpedersen
Message: 17273
Date: 2002-12-23

--- In, guto rhys <gutorhys@...> wrote:
> Welsh also retains the root: 'coeg', which today means 'vain,
empty'. It's meaning in middle Welsh was blind, one-eyed, mainly used
in personal names. Old Irish has 'caech'.
> Guto
I looked up up Franz Bopp's original article on IE and Malayo-
Polynesian. He had a remark on Latin caecus: He relates it to Gothic
haih-s, and claims it should be divided ha-ih-s, originally
meaning "one-eyed", and compares it to ha-lt "limping", ha-nf "one-
handed" and even ha-lf itself; the ha- part he claims to be identical
to Sanskrit -ka in e-ka "one" (and -lf equal to the ending of eleven
and twelve). Any sense in this?