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Date: 2002-12-22

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
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> Same as in <lingula>. In <angustus> we have [-gu-] (with syllabic
> /u/), which DOES NOT give Rom. b. The latter developped only from
> [-gw-], i.e. <-gu-> followed by a vowel!
> Piotr

In this case is just "gw"+vowel who gave a "b" in romanian.
Unfortunately we have again irregularities like:

a intreba= to ask, from the Latin "interrogare" where a simple "ga" gave
to an "b" in Romanian.
sîngera= to blood from Latin "sanguinare", where expected was
"sâmbinare" not "sângera" ( with affricated "g")
lingoare= typhoid fever from Latin languor,-languoris

It seems, as usual, how many rules , so many exceptions.