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Message: 17216
Date: 2002-12-18

the latin word for "blind"= caecus
the gothic one= haihs
they have a PIE root *kaikos= "blind"; the gothic meaning is " with one
There is a romanian cognate which I suppose it derive from the same
The word is "ceacâr" (tSacâr) which semanticaly, cf DEX is given as
fallows :

-(about the eyes of a living beeing)
1). which presents the anomaly of not beeing of the same colour, with
the iris rounded with a whitey circle
2) which presents strabismus

The word is given in DEX as beeing a loanword from turkish word "cakir".
The semantic point of turcian word= blue colour with nuances of grey

Of course, it sounds strange to see that a turkish word which means
something about colours gave in romanian a meaning like in latin and
From the phonetycaly aspect there I dont see any problem of
But I can be wrong. If I am not wrong, there is one word more in the
actually living languages
from the PIE *kaikos