Re: [tied] PIE root for "to fart"?

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Date: 2002-12-17

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Subject: Re: [tied] PIE root for "to fart"?

You forgot to add Latin pe:d-o: < *pezd- and Greek bd-eo: < *bzd- =
/psd-/. There are two roots, *pesd- [pezd-] and *perd-. They are so
similar to each other that there must be an element of onomatopoeia
involved (lexicalised "pzzz..."/"prrr..." plus a common extension). In
some branches (Slavic, Germanic) we find both of them, and it has been
speculated that they referred to soft versus noisy farting,


yes, you are right. They are similar but interesting is how they
evoluated. A look on the european map will make a little light or not?
I forgot to put the albanian "porde:"