root for "meal"?

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 17204
Date: 2002-12-17

I dont know if there is already a root, in my dictionary I could not
find it.

We have the fallowing cognates:

english : meal
german : Mehl
romanian : mãlai
gotic : malan
albanian : mjel
lithuanian : milti

For "to meal", german "mahlen" we have some more cognates and there is
the PIE root (s)mel-
tomanian: mãcina--> from latin machinari=machine ( so says my DEX)
gotic: malan
greek: myle
latin: molere
russian: molot
old russian : mlinz

The question is:
could be a substantiv in PIE for "meal" or from the verb "to meal" in
every language developed itself the substantiv "meal" and there cannot
be reconstructed a root for the substantiv "meal"?