From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 17191
Date: 2002-12-15

I should like to ask you if there is something wrong in the fallowing

- germanic "ein" = latin/romance "in"
- as I shown in another mail "ein+graben" (to bury)= "în+gropa"

I remembered this because of an verb with a dubios etymology in
romanian. I speak here about "to become dark".
The verb is "întuneca"= "în+tuneca" . The etymology is cf DEX from latin
"in+tunicare"= "to cover with a overcoat"
If we take the german word we see today the use of "ver+dunkeln" = to
become dark about time
For colours the use of "eindunkeln" is regular. So dor german Dunkeln we
have an mhd " tunkel" and old german "tunkali"
The form from Old German seems very appropiate to romanian form:

rom : in+tuneca

From the semantic point of view is the same, " to become dark".
For german, there are two words : Dämmerung and Dunkel
Both are from different roots.

dunkeln from PIE *dhemb(e)

Dämmerung from PIE *tem(e) with IE cognates like:
old irish "temel", russian "temrivo", latin "temere"

Of course " to cover with a overcoat" must be a bad joke as etymology,
and I guess this is the right connection.