Eastern Romance

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Date: 2002-12-14

sorry Miguel, I just got today the book of John Fisher " The lexical
affiliation of vegliote".
In the examples with d>z you spoked about Eastern Romance and you
included albanian and vegliote among them.
This is pretty strange but let me please to give you the examples from
vegliote comparativ with latin and romanian. In fact latin, vegliote,
romanian for d>z
Latin Vegliote Romanian

dies dia zi
dicere dekro zitSe
decem dik zetSe

A "dz" in vegliote we have in "dzue":

jovis dzue joi

For "z"

fragellum frazial unknown
radius ruaz razã ( meaning=ray)
jugum zauk jug
ire zer unknown **see note 1**
digitale zizial degetar
jugulum zoglo jugular **see note 2**

Notes :
1) in dialect of MaramureS for " a veni" = to comme there is a form "a
2) jugular is a neologism. the old word is "beregata" which has a wider
but means collar-bone too.

for "S"
camisia kamaisa cãma$ã
*cinisia kanaisa tSenuSã
caseus kis caS
crescere kraskro creSte
cerasea kris cireaSã
piscis pask pe$te
pascere puoskro paSte
septem sapto Sapte
subilare sublar Suiera
sorex surko SoaretSe
vestire vester înveSmânta (subst more simmilar->veSmânt)

For "ts"

martis mirte martsi
pits+ -ariolu pitsariaul unknown in romanian
sentire senter simtsi
sex si Sase
tenere tenar(e) tsine
terra tiara/tara tsara
vitis vaita vitsã

Well, I did not inclued albanian here , if you want me I can do it too
with an another day of work.
It seems the rules are "just" for some words of romanian but, far away
for an "Eastern Romance":
And let me tell you my opinion. They cannot work for an Eastern Romance
because there , beside Romanian
is no eastern romance. Velgiot is very tight to ventian, this is not a
romance , but a venetian dialect.
The latin elements in albanian are fewer as in germanic languages.
Even Profirogenetus speak just about Dalmatians when he speak about
"romans" from east of empire.
That is not strange, this is pretty perfectly with the historical
sources and with the archeological sources
regarding the "romanisation degree" for romanians.

Let me please close with on citate from Ferdinant Brunot regarding the
clasification of romance languages:

" Tout le domaine du roman continental, exception faite du **roumain**,
ne forme donc qu'une masse, au sein de laquelle il est chimérique, le
plus souvent, de vouloir tracer des démarcations."