Re: [tied] Greek is not an IE language!!!

From: Andrew Howey
Message: 17180
Date: 2002-12-14


I had to laugh when I saw the so-called "Hawaiian" words this person was using to compare to "Hellenic".  S/he obviously has no knowledge of Hawaiian word structure.  His/her most glaring mistakes are using words that contain consonants other than "h", "k", "l", "m", "n", "p", and "w", e.g. "angou", "Tarra", "arote", and "heriki".  Even borrowed words are "hawaiianized", the most famous example being "Mele Kalikimaka" for "Merry Christmas", in which "l" is substituted for "r", "k" is substituted for "ch", an "a" is inserted between "k" and "l" (another "l' for "r" substitution) , "st" is substituted by "k", antother "k" for "s" substitution, and, finally, the addition of a final "a".  My mention of the "a" insertions are tied to this individual's other obvious mistake -- using words with "closed" syllables, again "angou" and "hannaou".  To the best of my knowledge, Hawaiian syllables are always "open".  I'm not an expert in the Hawaiian language, but I was stationed there for four years, and I read a little bit about it and I learned a smattering of it, and few of the example words make any phonological sense for Hawaiian.  This reminds of a time when I was told by a person of Finnish extraction that Finnish and Hawaiian must be related because "the word structure is so similar".

Andy Howey

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