From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 17118
Date: 2002-12-11

bottom= old english "bodan", german "Boden"= ground, soil, lower part

In rom. lang is a word with unknown etymology having the same sens as
german "Boden".
The "podea", verb = " a podi" and there is too the substantiv
"podiS"= plane relief form which is considered by DEX to be from pod =
bridge +suffix "iS"

For podiS it seems more to be a derivate from root *pod which is not the
same as "pod"= bridge.
The root for germanic word is IE *bhudh.
- what does speak for a loan from germanic of the romanian word or what
does speak against it.
- is the derivate family of the word a strong enough argumentum for
thinking podea, podish,
podi, is a singulare developement of romanian word from *bhudh or
not? If this is not
enough , what for arguments should be brought for a evolution from IE
and not for a loan?