Re: [tied] The 1ps pronoun *ego:... or is it *eg?

From: tgpedersen
Message: 17116
Date: 2002-12-11

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> >If the old nominative was *mu, parallel to *tu, as Glen suggests,
> >might be *eg^Ho-mu (Miss Piggy says: "Moi, I ...")
> That's indeed what I've been saying all along (**a-ga > *eg^,
> **a-ga-mu > **aga:mW > *eg^om and **aga:mW + i > **aga:mWu >
> > *eg^o:).
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And, even earlier, maybe it wasn't *mu, but the *m-n- "soul, self"
word (by its occurrence) a real Ruhlen-world word)

since "I" is Finnish <minä>, Etruscan <mini>(?), and (is this true?)
Lithuanian <man> = "self"?

Now one can really wax lyrical and say we have caught a glimpse of
the genesis of the concept of "self"?