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Message: 17053
Date: 2002-12-07

The etymology of wnglish word "easy" is said to come from "ease".
"ease" commes from the old french word "aise" which means "pleasure,
The word "aise" itself, is of unknown origin.

Interesting here is ,maybe unexpected, the romanian word for "easy"=uSor
Rom. "uSor" is said cf DEX to come from latin "levis". I guess, even
Miguel will do not belive it here. There is no chance of getting from
"levis" , "uSor".
If we try to degenerate the word "u$or" we arive at the first form
We know from the ancient hydronimie that in romanian is a evolution from
"a" to "u" (a>o>u) like in Marisi(s)>MureS. That will allow us
theoreticaly to make from uSor< usio(r)<osia(r)< asia(r)>asia
And that seems pretty interesting.
Old french word "aise" versus "asia". That will show they have a common
root, other as latino-greek-germanic levis-leicht (light)-elachus.
The question is, if my toughts are not too wrong, which should be the
PIE root here?
And in which other languages cann we find some similar cognates?