The 1ps pronoun *ego:... or is it *eg?

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 17049
Date: 2002-12-07

Cher Miguel,

The reconstruction of *ego: is much, much more common in
materials than **eg. The former only makes more sense when
the term is properly etymologized. Did any of the people who
reconstructed **eg go to any length to etymologize the word or
to explain why the stem is treated like a verb with an attached
1ps VERBAL ending *-om/*-o: if it was not a verb? No.

So, *ego: is by far a superior reconstruction than **eg and is
very much the mainstream reconstruction.

And still, where is your lovely example of "here" being used
synonymously for the 1ps in any real language known to humankind???

I have /uva-nga/ to explain *eg-o:, and what do you have? Still
can't find anything, eh?

- gLeN

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