Re: [tied] Morphology 19 update

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 17040
Date: 2002-12-06

I really hate stupidity. I enjoy a good debate when it is founded
on facts rather than an insistance on adopting one's own personal theories
without any strong arguement. Instead of using facts, Miguel is insisting
that his crazy re-interpretations of IE are correct.

They aren't. There is no **eg because the universally accepted
is *ego:. Likewise, there is no alternation of 3ps *-t with **-to in
_Indo-European_ (because we're NOT talking about Post-IE or
Furthermore, there is no **-g suffix because the vowel-final ending is
the attached particle *ge. Again, the zero-grade of *gV, regardless of where
it is positioned in a word, is not **g according to mainstream Indo-European
ablaut. I wish Miguel would talk about his conlang somewhere else.

All that I've said is mainstream IE. All that Miguel is saying is his own
twisted views of what he thinks IE should be... If only it weren't for the
fact that the larger IE community thinks quite differently than he does.

PS: While *ego: would have been used more as an emphatic in _Indo-European_
(but also used in sentences lacking "to be" or on its own), this doesn't
speak of its increasing usage in daughter languages. So, yes, it was
still free to erode in some languages, even if one of its uses was an

- gLeN

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