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From: Miguel Carrasquer
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Date: 2002-12-04

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>> The rule is that before Eastern
>> Romance i (vocalic /i/ or consonantal /y/, including the diphtong
>> /ie/), d > dz > z, t > ts and s > S. This does *not* mean that any
>> Latin e(:) or i(:) after d (t, s) provokes the soundshift. In
>> particular, it is *not* caused by:
>Dear Miguel. I am preparing the answer for your rules. Before I do it, I
>should like you to specify once again if the rules you proposed (d>z,
>t>ts, s>S under the 3 conditions ) are meant for *Eastern Romance* or
>just for romanian language.

Proto-Eastern-Romance, but it doesn't matter much in practice (the
only thing relevant to this aspect that happened between P.E.R. and
Romanian was the further narrowing of /enC/ to /inC/ in e.g. <dinte>
or <timp> (VL dEnte/tEmpu, PER dente, tempu, R. dinte, timp)

>Further, since the opinions about Easter Romance are somehow different,
>I should like you to tell me if you consider vegliot and inherited latin
>elements of albanian as belonging to the Eastern Romance or not.


>I want to know exactly the circle where I have to search for.If I have
>to limit the examples to romanian language or I have to include vegliot
>and albanian elements .

You may but it's not necessary. All that usually matters is getting
the Latin right, the rest just follows from there.

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal