bh/p-l/r Family (was OE *picga)

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 17009
Date: 2002-12-04

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> Of course, "brother" means now a biological brother. But why then
> does it have the binary comparison suffix *-ter? And note that this
> would contrast /brother/ "of the phratry/moiety on the other side of
> the river" with /sister/ "of the the phratry/moiety on this side of
> the river" (because of *swe- "one's own").

It's a shame that PIE for 'sister' (Greek for 'niece') doesn't have
anything like *-ter-.

> Does it mean males moved to the other side of the river to marry?

Or are we talking about mummy's brother and sister?

I've two more words for your collection:

Hebrew p-l-g 'divide', as in Peleg in Genesis x 25.

Arabic f-l-h. 'till the soil', as in English 'fellah'. Modern Hebrew
p-l-h. has the meanings 'till', 'split', but I haven't ruled out the
possibility of it being a loan from Arabic.

Do you have any Afro-Asiatic boat words in p-l or p-r? I thought you
implied elsewhere that you did, but I couldn't find them when I