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From: m_iacomi
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Date: 2002-12-04

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>>> I believe I saw once an attempt to relate Rom. <a gazi> "to see"
>>> to German <Gesicht> "face" (> "view"), from which the Rom. verb
>>> would be derived by back-formation.
>> If Rom. stands for Romanian, then the verb is <a gãsi> "to find",
>> with a very probable Slavic origin. "To see" is Latin inherited
>> (<a vedea>).
> Oops. I read that a very long timne ago. What is its Slavic origin?

Proto-Slavic: gasiti ("to extinguish"), which is to be found in most
modern Slavic languages in similar or slightly altered forms. Semantic
derivation is easy: the search for something is "extinguished/exhausted"
when one "finds" that thing. [IE: g^(w)o:s-]
Marius iacomi