Re: [tied] Pramantha/Prometheus: a false etymology?

From: tgpedersen
Message: 16976
Date: 2002-12-02

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> > João Simões Lopes Filho wrote:
> Ravi Chaudhary wrote:
> >>Why would the PIE fire god be taken as a messenger and
trickster ??
> João Simões Lopes Filho wrote:
> >>Compare the roles of Prometheus, Agni and Loki. You will see many
> common
> traits.
> Prometheus and Agni have often been compared, of course, because of
> the
> supposed common connection with fire. I suppose that Loki and
> Prometheus
> share the fate of being trapped for a long time by means of a rock.
> Jean Kelly
> *********
> None of this gives any suggestion of why Loki, Promotheus and Agni
> would be thought of as
> messengers and more especially tricksters.??
> besides you probaly need to understanf how Agni is seen from our
> world view.
> Agni literally Fire, is the symbolism ofthe force of creation
> , the creator himself.
> The lighting of the fire or rather the burning flame, acts as a
> medium to the creator, and is also the creator itself, the cycle of
> creation and destruction, the cosmic dance ,the eternal cycle.
> To Talk of a Fire -God, is meaningless, like talking of a thunder
> or a god of cattle.
> Agni( fire) is the supreme God and the medium to the God the
> The rest become spin offs.
> Thus in the vedic/ hindu concept we find Shiva,the supreme god of
> Creation and destruction, the eternal cycle again, oft represented
> a pillar of Fire.
> Loki fits into another mode, a trickser, a prankster, and how you
> would relate him to Promotheus I would like to know.
> Ravi

The name Loki has been compared to German Lohe, Sw låge "flame" (at
least by Wagner, if not by more serious folk).