Re: [tied] Pramantha/Prometheus: a false etymology?

From: Ravi Chaudhary
Message: 16966
Date: 2002-12-01

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> João Simões Lopes Filho wrote:

Ravi Chaudhary wrote:
>>Why would the PIE fire god be taken as a messenger and trickster ??

João Simões Lopes Filho wrote:
>>Compare the roles of Prometheus, Agni and Loki. You will see many

Prometheus and Agni have often been compared, of course, because of
supposed common connection with fire. I suppose that Loki and
share the fate of being trapped for a long time by means of a rock.

Jean Kelly

None of this gives any suggestion of why Loki, Promotheus and Agni
would be thought of as
messengers and more especially tricksters.??

besides you probaly need to understanf how Agni is seen from our
world view.

Agni literally Fire, is the symbolism ofthe force of creation
, the creator himself.

The lighting of the fire or rather the burning flame, acts as a
medium to the creator, and is also the creator itself, the cycle of
creation and destruction, the cosmic dance ,the eternal cycle.

To Talk of a Fire -God, is meaningless, like talking of a thunder god
or a god of cattle.

Agni( fire) is the supreme God and the medium to the God the creator.

The rest become spin offs.

Thus in the vedic/ hindu concept we find Shiva,the supreme god of
Creation and destruction, the eternal cycle again, oft represented as
a pillar of Fire.

Loki fits into another mode, a trickser, a prankster, and how you
would relate him to Promotheus I would like to know.