Re: [tied] Bakhtiar

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 16885
Date: 2002-11-25

The correct division is baxt-ya:r 'friend of fortune'. Persian ya:r 'friend' (borrowed into many modern Iranian and several Indo-Aryan languages) is a frequent element in personal names. I don't know its etymology offhand, but I'll check it up.


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Subject: [tied] Scythian query

> One of the major Scythian groupings mentioned by
> Herodotus was that of the KATIAR. Scions of the
> "second son" of Targitaos. Almost certainly "Nomadic"
> Scythians (along with the TRASPIES). In our
> collaborative efforts to understand and etymologize
> the names of various 5th c. BC Scythian tribal
> alliances, the KATIAR have so far proved elusive. So
> my query is this: would it make any sense at all to
> compare the name of these ancient folk to that of the
> contemporary Iranian BAKHTIAR? If so, what would be
> the relevant articulations? -AR? -IAR? -TIAR?