Re: [tied] There was a crooked root

From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2002-11-23

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> > It's tempting to connect Angeln with the meaning "narrow" of the
root *ang-
> But it seems that the toponym Angul is the same as the common noun
*angulaz 'fishing-hook' --> 'bend, corner' (Eng. angle, note also the
verb <angle> 'to fish with a hook'), which is not connected with
*h2ang^H- 'narrow' but derives from another widespread and well-
attested root, *h2ank- 'bend, curve', providing 'fishing-hook' terms
in several branches of IE. Greek ankulos 'crooked' (acute accent on
<u>) corresponds to *angulaz perfectly.
> Piotr

In support of that, take a look of the course of the Schlei. Crooked.
BTW at the end of the Schlei the inlet widens. That's where Haithabu
is, off to one side, not visible from the inlet (I'll have to check a
map). Its successor town, Schleswig, is on the other, visible side.
BTW what's with the German etc nation-suffix -n (Belgien, Bolivien
etc). Old dat. pl.?