Re: Real or Spurious Root Matches? (was OE *picga)

From: tgpedersen
Message: 16815
Date: 2002-11-21

--- In cybalist@..., "Richard Wordingham" <richard.wordingham@...>
> Incidentally, how do _you_ explain the Chadic-Austronesian links.
> Richard.

I saw an interesting French documenrary on the I-forgot-their-name
mountains in Chad, I think it was. In deep gorges in the mountains,
rivers still flow, protected from sunlight. The fauna and flora is
almost identical to the one found 1000 km to the south, in the
rainforests of the Congo; ie. crocodiles! It was inhabited by the
Bediyat people, I looked it up on my Austronesian-AfroAsiatic-IE
website, sure enough, Bidiya is a Chadic language. I-forgot-who
recently proposed a special link between Egyptian and Chadic, this
would make extra sense of the idea of Egyptians as Saharan drought-
refugees (and Chadic peoples as stay-behinds). But that would put any
putative contacts with Austronesian way back. But words might have
arrived in waves?