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From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2002-11-21

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> I'd like to ask if there is an accepted or even halfway decent
etymology for the Germanic tribe of the Quadi? What would this word
sound like without the Latin transliteration?

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> Offhand, I can only propose *kwa:d < PGmc.(?) *kwe:da- 'wicked,
bad, hostile' (e.g. ME quead, Du. kwaad), whose attestation in
Germanic is unfortunately limited to English, Frisian, Dutch and Low
German. Perhaps there's some kind of relation to Pokorny's *gWedH-
'destroy' (he cites Ger. quetschen) and/or Slavic *gadU 'reptile,
something repulsive'.

> Piotr
The attestation in Germanic coresponds nicely to the geographical
distribution of the family name Quaade/Quadt (and other spellings)

Researching the -lev toponyms, I found a Kvalöv(?, by memory) in
Scania in South Sweden, the first root explained as "bog, marsh".

Falk & Torp:
<kvade> or <kvae>
resin-like fluid excreted by trees, esp. conifers.

<kvadder> slush, mud
probably borrowed from Low German <quader>, <quadder> "filthy fluid,
slime>, same word as Middle Low German <koder> "slime" ... Unrelated
to OHG quât, kôt (German Kot) MLG <quât (-d-)> "filth", related to
MLG <quât> (Dutch <kwaad>) "evil, bad" = PIE *gvêtho-, related by
ablaut to Skr. <gûtha-> "muck".

Thus swamp-dwellers, good geographical name for the neighbors of the
Marcomanni, the men of the frontier. It seems they moved north.