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Date: 2002-11-19

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I'm not surprised in the least, since Lat. aquo:sus 'full of
water, watery', accounts for Rom. apos jolly well (besides, a
Dacian word would have dropped its inflectional ending in
Romanian, just as Lat. -us/-um was dropped). We have
<aquo:sus> rather than *<aqua-o:sus>, because the stem
vowel -a- is regularly elided before the suffix -o:s-
'abounding in ...', cf. <pecu:nia>, <pecu:nio:sus>. Such
things are easy to look up in dictionaries and other books and
warmly I recommend that you should do some checking before
posting any more aquose stuff.


if you are so kind and give such a plenty of information,
would you please give me some more?or instance what did the
sufix "os" in latin language when suffixing a substantif? Just
for my poor knowledges , please. It will be very appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.