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Date: 2002-11-18

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[Moeller] for the first part of your message alow me please a
bit time for answering. I promise I wont forget to do that.

Rom. apã could in theory continue Dacian, Thracian or Illyrian
*apa: if such a form were attested (it is not, in fact; the
Dacian word, for example, was apparently a reflex of *h2apos).
However, the fact that it means just 'water' like Lat. aqua
(not 'flowing water' or 'river' in particular), and that it is
derivable from <aqua> via regular Romanian sound changes,
compels us to regard it as a relative of <eau>, <agua>,
<acqua> and other Romance 'water' words, not of <apos>.


in a previous message of you , you used to say that apparently
the dacian word for water was a reflex of *ud_ and you gave me
the example of "Salmorude". But shis is an another cup of tea
I dont care here in this thread about.
I care about something else.In romanian you have "apa" for
every kind of water. Let it be flow water, a lake, rain, or
what ever, there is just a word and this is "apa", nothing
more.For describing which kind of water is this , you must use
a complementary word for showing what kind of water this is
( de râu, de baltã, de ploaie, de izvor)
As for your "apos" you will do not wonder if you will learn
that there is a worn in romanian "apos" and this means " wich
much water". But this just a simple coincidence from apa+ suf
"os" , sincoping of "a" ( why not of "o"?) and giving apos (
why not apaos, or apas?) . Well, how I said, for this part it
is enough for me to think and to see other thinking that there
is possible to have romanian apa from "apos".
rom. is the only one of "neo romance" which insinstently use
"p" for latin "cu" and "pt" for latin "ct". And they are not
so easy to explain via regular changes when you have thracian
glosses where "pt" appears very regulary.
Thank you for all of this for now.