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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-11-11

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Subject: [tied] Re: The Brahman and the Brain

>> Lat. multus seems to derive from *ml.tó-, possibly related to comp. melior, melius < *mél-jos- (the positive grade unattested), which presupposes the root *mel-, tentatively interpreted as 'be strong'. <plu:s>, pl. <plu:res> (archaic forms also <plous, pleores>) derives from *pléh1-jos-, the comparative of *plh1-ú- 'much'. There is no way to connect the two by ordinary means. _Extraordinary_ means (if that's what Møller has recourse to) are beyond my competence.
>> Piotr

> As far as I can tell Møller argues *ml- > *mbl- > *pl-, which, judging from your earlier postings, is not beyond your competence, extraordinary or otherwise? ;-)

*mbl- > Lat. pl- is hard to accept. Why not *bl-? Compare brevis < *mreg^Hw-i-.