Piotr, is this the cybalist site?

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 16676
Date: 2002-11-10


if so, I remember the discution where you argued about the
imposibility of PIE gW > b in thracian.
Let see please not Vinereanu, but this definition from the
o.m. site

bolinthos 'wild bull, bison'. The word is attested in
Aristotle, according to whom that animal lived in the
Messapian mountain, which separated the country of the
Peonians from that of the Maideans (a Thracian tribe
inhabiting the middle course of Struma and upper course of
Mesta), and that the Peonians called it mónapos. Therefore,
bolinthos was a Maidean, that is, a Thracian word. It is
compared to the German Bulle 'bull' and is derived from the IE
bonassos 'a bull' [IE *gwou-, Latin bos, bovis 'a bull'].

So, I dont care now about bolinthos and I care about gW> b in
As I showed in hidronimes of Dacia kw<p
I doubt now if vinereanu is so wrong. We have more as clear
that in thracian kW>p and gW>b.
How can you argue that Vinereanu is wrong here?