Re: [tied] classical Greek (and Latin) vowels

From: P&G
Message: 16672
Date: 2002-11-10

Hi Lisa! In addition to the various excellent postings in this list, it
might be worth your while tracking down W Sydney Allen's books, Vox Latina
and Vox Graeca, which discuss in detail, with evidence, the pronunciation of
those two languages. The books are a little elderly, but they're still in
print because they remain the standard texts on the subject, and you should
be able to get them through your local library.

As for IE vowels, there are lists in most of the standard books on PIE, but
they're not always easy to collate. The best overall simple chart I know of
is in Ramat and Ramat, "The Indo-European languages." If you have trouble
finding it, let me know - I'll scan it in and post it.