Re: [tied] Re: cognates for lituanian "ravas"?

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-11-07

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Subject: [tied] Re: cognates for lituanian "ravas"?

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>> I am just wondering if there are more cognates for the lituanian "ravas" = wet, with moisture, cognates which will show a common IE root. Any ideea? ( i hope I am not misstyping and the lithuanian word is indeed "ravas":)

> It's slightly misspelled: Lithuanian word for "wet" is actually
<slapias>, having its cognate in Latvian <slapjdh>.

... or the meaning is distorted. Lith. ra~vas means 'ditch' and corresponds exactly to Slavic *rovU, from the root *h1reuh2- (see Pokorny's *reu(&)-) 'tear out; dig' (Lith. ra'uti, Slavic *ryti). A ditch can get quite wet, of course, and the same PIE root underlies a number of rivernames, but this is its only (and indirect) connection with moisture.