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From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2002-11-06

Slavic vrana has Baltic cognates, hasn' t it?
There was a lot of onomatopeic roots for corvids, usually KR, GR.

*ker-u [raven] Latin corvus,  OIrl cru Grk koro:nos (raven),koro:nis (crow) Sanskrit kros.a [raven] ON hraukr [cormorant] Lithuanian krauklys Sanskrit ka:ravah [crow, "ka-doer"] Germanic hrabnaz [raven] (*krobHono-, krogWHono-, krokWono- ?)

*ker-n [crow?] Latin cornix Umbrian curnaco Greek korax[raven] Sanskrit kâravah?

*gWra:k- [crow] Latin gracus (diminutive gracula > Portuguese gralha) OIrl bran Germanic *krahwi- ON kraukr Russian grac^ki

*k^work- [crow, magpie] Albanian sorë [<*sarkë , crow] Lithuanoan sarka [magpie] = OSl sraka


Joao SL


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> Interesting.  The Latin word is corvus, interpreted as *k[o]r-w-os in IEW, but I suppose also analyzable as *kr.ghW-os.  So perhaps another possibility is *kroghWono- > Gmc. *hrab(a)na-, with non-Vernerian *ghW ~ *bh.
A good idea, definitely worth considering. *k...gWH is a bit embarrassing, phonotactically, but perhaps excusable in an iconic root.

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