Re: [tied] *ghom

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-11-03

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Subject: [tied] *ghom

> what does speak against form *gWhom for the radical *ghom (earth)?
First and foremost, the treatment of the initial in the Satem languages (Skt. gen. jmaH, Av. zam-, Alb. dhe, Lith. z^eme., Slavic *zemja) rules out *gWH- completely. The actual form is *dg^Hom- or *dHg^Hom-, with the cluster simplified to *g^Hom- in some branches, but reflected in Skt., Gk. kHtHon- (by the way, *d(H)gWH- would have given Gk. pHtH-), and Tocharian A tkaM, whereas Hittite preserves a particularly archaic form (tekan, gen. tagnas) with a vowel between the initial consonants (*deg^H(o)m- or *dHeg^H(o)m-). The reconstruction of the actual vocalism is still debatable as regards the fine details, but the consonant you asked about is *g^H in any case.