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Date: 2002-10-29

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The reconstruction of *perk^- 'dig out' is based on Germanic
*furxo: 'furrow', Lat. porca 'balk, ridge between two furrows', and
Celt. *rica 'furrow', all of them < *pr.'k(^)ah2.

   Is it only Celtic and Germanic?  Not much confidence in it there, especially since *pork^os is attested as far west as Iran.

However, the

hypothetically underlying verb does not seem to be plausibly
attested, and perhaps the 'furrow' words are themselves derived from
*perk^- 'streak, mark with different colours'. Of course the
longitudinal striping of wild (or primitive domestic) piglets could
also be described as furrow-like.

   Very nice, and quite believable.

David Fickett-Wilbar