Re: OE *picga

From: tgpedersen
Message: 16533
Date: 2002-10-28


The word for "pig" in the Non-Austronesian, i.e. Papuan languages of
Melanesia is typically of Austronesian origin, deriving from Proto-
Austronesian *Berek "domesticated pig". Two conclusions can be made
here: (1) the domesticated pig was introduced into Oceania by
Austronesians, and (2) as the protoform is common to practically the
whole distribution area of Austronesians, the domesticated pig must
have already been known to the Austronesians before they spread out
from their homeland in Taiwan (or the immediately contiguous
mainland). There is one problem though. I have learned from Matthew
SPriggs that the domesticated pig in Oceania is not the species which
originated from Southeast China and Southeast Asia, but was
originally endemic in Maluku

The Austronesian-out-of-Taiwan theory is causing Waruno Mahdi
difficulty here. Oppenheimer's out-of-Sundaland fits better.

Proto-Austronesian *Berek "domesticated pig" ??? Hm!