Re: OE *picga

From: tgpedersen
Message: 16506
Date: 2002-10-24

--- In cybalist@..., João Simões Lopes Filho <jodan99@...> wrote:
> Could OE * picga < Brythonic? Perhaps a P-Celtic *pi-, related to
> *k(W)yeu-, cf. Greek sys (<*kius?) Lithuanian kjaule, Latvian cuka
> Czech cune
> Other two swine roots:
> PIE pork^os , cf. Lat porcus Umb purka Lit parsas CG farxaz
OIrl orc
> OSl prasU Finnish porsas( <Indo Aryan *pars^as)
> PIE *g^hri-s- [piglet] (?) Grk khoiros (<*gHoryos] ON griss (<CG
> Albanian der
> D2c kyeu- (?) Grk sys <kius Lit kjaule Let
> Tch cune
More such roots:

Orne, sideform of Nw. raane ON runi cf. ON renna "be in heat (in
season)". Does that ablaut relaion make sense?

Sw. kult(ing) "piglet" cf Eng colt

Da. galt "hog" cf Sanskr hud.u- "ram"; PIE g'Holdu-

Some kind of relation between the last two?