Re: [tied] Re: Old Albanian manuscript or a forge ?

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-10-22

<sscodraanittee> is all right. The ancient name of Shkodër was Lat. Scodra, Gk. Skodra, and there's nothing impossible in assuming an early shift of sk- > shk- in borrowed placenames. There's nothing inherently absurd about the spelling <-ee> for modern <-ë> either, since the vowel in question is etymologically long. I hope the manuscript will be speedily published and made available for thorough examination; only then will it be possible for experts to verify its authenticity.


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From: mbikqyres
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Subject: [tied] Re: Old Albanian manuscript or a forge ?

Hi !
What about the authors surname 'SSCODRAANNITTEE' which suggests that
the city name was spelled the same way as it is today (after 800
years) Shkodra/Shkodër/shkodran not alike Scuttari ?

Also the meaning is built the way I (as an Albanian) would have built
it today.

"Me ndihmën dhe dëshirën e fortë t´Lumturit ZOT po e mbaroj n'Vitin
1210 ditën e 9-të t'Marsit"

Though it is unclear if we should read 'dëshirën e fortë' (the strong
will) or 'fort të lumturit' (very/really blessed) the both phrases
are commonly used in Modern Albanian.