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From: tgpedersen
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Date: 2002-10-21

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> I found an interesting book The Crystal Sun by Robert Temple on
> of ancient lenses and of glass and rock crystal spheres used as
> magnifying glasses and for illuminating text and other minute work.
> It seems the ancient view of the sun was that it was a body fixed
> the outmost sphere (or heaven), not producing, but concentrating
> light of the universal fire beyond that sphere, in other words a
> of crystal sphere.
> Herodotus uses 'hyalos' for "rock crystal" (III, 24). According to
> Temple, Paul Jablonsky (Opuscula, 1804) believed the word to be of
> Egyptian origin. But I thought I recognized *sH2w-l/n- "sun" (>
> o-?) ?

Temple doesn't mention it. but I thought the idea of the sun as
transparent refractory body would occur to anybody who'd dissected an
eye (vitreous body), as any sacerdos might have.

Therefore: "eye of the sun", an idea which occurs also in, well never
mind. But if 'hyalos' is indeed IE, that would point some IA, not
Iranian, l-dialect, so there the trail points east.

> Torsten