a story about Galia

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Date: 2002-10-17

here too, I should like to see where are the erroneus
informations and which entries are not in conformity with the
known informations

Erastothene calls all the part of Galia and Iberia as Liguria
(Strabo lib II 1 40)
the big river of Galia which today is in teh neighbourship of
Orleans, Tours and Nantes have had the name "Liger", today
Plinius tells us that the province Aquintanica was called
Aremorica ( the liguri from Italia were considerated to have
the name Arimini too)
(Plinius IV 31 1 Aquitania Aremorica antea dicta )
Cesar calls it Armorica (Cesar Bell. Gall. lib VII 75
"universis civitatibus , quae Oceanum attingunt, quaeque eorum
consuetudine Armoricae appelantur (quo sunt in numero
Curiosolites, Rhedones, Ambibari, Caletes, Osismii, Lemovices,
Veneti, Unelli), etc."
-about the language speaks Cicero in a leter toward Brutus:
Cicero Brut. 46
"Id tu, Brute, iam intelliges, cum in Galliam veneris. Audies
tu quidem etiam verba quaedam non trita Romae, sed haec mutari
dedisci que possunt"
Strabo says about the population of Galia that the population
was a roman one not just trough language but trough way of
life and its antropologicaly aspects
(Strabo Geogr. lib. IV 1. 12)
Tribes & cities
Datii ( Plinius lib IV 109 -Müllerus, Ptolemeiu Geogr. I 206)
we find a city in south of Tolosa called Sarmati (Tab. Peunt.
Segm. II 1.2.)
in the north parth we find the Petrucorii
in the maritim Alps there is another people called Deciates or
in latin form Deciani (Plinus lib III 7 1 "Ligurum celeberrimi
ultra Alpes Salluvii , Deciates, Oxubii)
on the another part of Rhodan we find the people called Volcae
Aremorica. These people administrated themselves without to be
under the provincial gouvernment (Strabo lib IV 6.4)
Thier principal city was Narbo today Narbonne.
City in teh region of mines like Boxs(ani) /Bocsani(CIL vol
XII nr 1783), Taruscon, Tarasco(Strabo limb IV i 12)
in the same region is the tribe of Albioeci (Strabo lib IV 6
Alba, Boxani, Piscenae, Raurica/Raurici, Rhoda, Ursulae, Vadum
Arauris, Arenteus amnis, Druentia, Oltis, Varus
Albia (Strabo lib Iv 6 1 ), Gaura (Itin. Hierosol p
555)Mancelus, Matrona, Stura (Plinius lib III 20 4),
Vesulus(Plinius lib III 20 3)
- a tribe from Aquintania in the valey of Oltis (today Lot) is
known as Cocosates.
-for a kind of earth they used the word "marga" (Plinius lib
XVII 4 1).
-for legumes they used "legaria"(Varronis R.R. lib I 32)
-on a inscription found there with greek characters we find
"dede" in latin translated as "dedit" (Monin, Monumewnts d.
anciens idiomes gaulois, Paris 1861, p 17)

here too, enough for now.For erroneous informations, I should
like to hear complains for researcing them..