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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-10-17

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From: Miguel Carrasquer
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> (And I still don't have it right: I would now have said <bezé tchu>.  Why is
that wrong?)
Because <beze> is used in <beze mnie> 'without me' only. The rule of /e/ insertion in prepositional phrases is a very unfaithful inversion of the diachronic rule of yer preservation (more or less like intrusive /r/ in English), and this /e/ is employed to bust some inconvenient types of clusters whatever their origin (with some idiomatic special cases to complicate matters), not whenever demanded by Havlík's Law. Thus we say:
ze strony 'from a direction' BUT w strone 'in a direction',
we wtorek 'on Tuesday' BUT z wtorku 'from Friday'
w czwartek OR we czwartek 'on Thursday'
z serem 'with cheese' (but in colloquial Poznan' Polish <ze serem>)
w wodzie 'in water' (but in colloquial Poznan' Polish <we wodzie>)
we wszystkim, przede wszystkim 'first of all' (idiomatic) BUT przed wszystkimi 'before everybody' (regular)
we krwi 'in the blood (fig. = innate, natural)' BUT (usually) w krwi (literally)