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> It's first attested on a Phoenician stele from the 9th c. BC
(<s^rdn>). The autochthonous population at that time were the
Sards (Gk. Sardoi, Lat. Sardi), believed to be the creators of
the Nuraghic culture (named for the characteristic massive
towers in the form of a truncated cone, called the
nuraghi/nuraxi). The Nuraghic culture began about 1600 BC, and
it has been suggested that the Sards were one of the Sea
Peoples (the <s^rdn.w> "Shardana" of the Egyptian sources),
but too little is known of their language to classify it
anywhere. The Greeks called the island Sardo (<sardo:>,
treated either as an -oi- stem, gen. <sardoos, -ous>, dat.
<sardoi>, or a nasal stem <sardon->). The Romans called it
Sardinia, of course. They seized it in 238 BC and made it a
Roman province, eventually extinguishing Sard resistance and
driving the pre-Roman Sard language (which had survived the
Carthaginian occupation of the island) to extinction.
> Piotr

thank you Piotr.
About the apparition of the word in phoenician I knew nothing.
Does we know what in phoenician "<s^rdn>" means?
For sure you will smile now, but I make the conection which
has some points which could be very interesting. For instance
we have some paralels like:
-sardoi but we have too thracians examples like:
Sardonis , in the latin form Sardonius
-serdi or sardi, the wellknow tribe which builded the city of
Serdica, actual Sofia
-saldensii as tribe, villages as Serdica, Sardeis ( in the
neighbourship of Callatis),

Just these cognaets will be just coincindeces but we have to
see, there is more as this.
If we take a look at the old ports of Sardinia, we will find
these names for instances:
Bithia, Sulcis, Tharros, Bosa, Olbia
Let see:
Bithia = ancient port in Sardinia
bithus, bitos, bitus, Bithinia, all getic words

Sulcis= ancient port in Sardinia
suci as getic tribe, sucidava as toponym, the pass Succi in
teh valey of Hebrus

Tharros= ancient port in Sadrinia
thracian names like:Tharsas, Turesis and something far, the
tribe of Trausi

Bosa , mm. here i do not find nothing just the whole derivtes
from bessi, but nothing more

For Olbia, we have in getic theritory to an Olbia , but we
know the city from the getic theritory was biulded by

It is interesting to find such cognates. Or maybe there is
something more as just coincindeces.
Olbia= ancient port in Sardinia