Re: [tied] mlaaskati, mleccha

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 16247
Date: 2002-10-14

I'm not sure what you mean by "Slovan", but *mle^skati 'click one's tongue' does exist in several Slavic languages (e.g. Polish mlaskac'). I have already commented on this list on its possible cognacy to Skt. mleccHa- (both could be reconstructed as *mloisk- or *mlaisk-), if they aren't parallel onomatopoeic formations.
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From: S.Kalyanaraman
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 3:49 PM
Subject: [tied] mlaaskati, mleccha

I saw a concordance in a Vedic dictionary: Slovan mlaaskati, 'to
snap with the tongue'.

Is this Slovan entry correct? What are the cognate IE words?