NEWS: Earliest Evidence of London Name Found

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Date: 2002-10-14

A plaque that dates from around the first century AD has been found,
confirming the local use of the name, at least by a Roman merchant, and
supporting the idea that it applied to present day London:
"LONDON, Oct. 11 REUTERS— Archaeologists excavating an ancient site in London
said today that they had unearthed the oldest known plaque inscribed with the
city's Roman name, a variant of Londinium.

"This is hugely important," said Francis Grew, curator of archaeology at the
Museum of London. "It is the first real monumental inscription with the word
Londinium on it. It is also visually the most important inscription we have
even found in London."

The Italian marble plaque, found in Southwark at the junction of three key
Roman roads, is dedicated to the Roman emperors and the god Mars from a
London-based merchant, Tiberinius Celerianus."

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