Translators of Ancient Languages are needed

From: Davius Sanctex
Message: 16214
Date: 2002-10-13

A free-ware historical game is being developped. The game is based (although not actually an exact reconstruction of) the peridon BC 500 - 500 AD. They need collaborations for translate a short list of phrases and sentences to: Latin, Greek, Aramaic, Celtiberian*, Parthic, Persian, Cymru, Goidelic, .... for the game.
Some linguists already have joined to the project. For example at the end of this message I post the putative translations for Dacian. You can see about all this at:
(See in the news: Octotober-2 and clinck on "languages")
David Sánchez
[An Example of post on Dacian]

As many said, Dacian is extinct, only those words can be reconstructed as truly Dacian:
-dava/daba: city, place
-bria: town
-diza: fortress
those could be used for building orders. However, knowing a bit of Dacian phonetics, and knowing that Dacian is related to Thracian, which is better known, here is some hypothesis:
-Click-select: "Yes?", "My lord?", "How may I serve you?"
asn: me
razas: king
-Click-move: "As you wish", "I'm coming" "on my way"
pruzas, iatr, rink: quick
gaidrus: clear
-Click-attack: "Attack!", "For my family!"
this is difficult: you may use
alonhon: a spear
traus: to break
skalp: to hit
skilas: an axe
-Click-Build: "Build"
didza: to create
or the names I wrote before, bria, daba, diza
-Click-Farm: "Farm"
dinga: fertile ground, this could work, I think
-Click-Mine: "Mine" or "Dig"
I just found this:
asas: stone, maybe also "mine"
-Click-woodcut: "Chop"
kurta: wood
-Click-gather: "Gather"
no idea...
-Click-herder: "Herd" ??Dunno
epros: a goat
-Click-shorefish: "Fish"
no idea...
-Click-boatfish: "Fish"
...neither here...
-Click-repair: "Repair"
...nor here!
-Click-hunt: "Hunt"
prantas: a deer

-Click-select: "Your orders?", "Ready, sir" "my liege?"
-Click-move: "By your command" "yes my lord" "As you wish"
-Click-attack: "Cities will fall!" "-warcry-" "To victory!"
for those, try to use the words I've already written

-Click-select: "Yes, great one?" "Your wish?"
the same
-Click-move: "By the gods" "Of course"
well, dasas: god
-Click-heal: "Heal"
no idea... why don't you let him say just "ok"?

-Click-select: "At your service", "Orders, sir", "ready"
suras: a hero
-Click-move: "Move out!", "March!", "With my honor"
-Click-attack: "engage!", "attack!"
for those ones, I have no idea