Re: Bagaudae/Baucadae

From: Christopher Gwinn
Message: 16179
Date: 2002-10-12

> At the Harvard Celtic Colloquium today a paper was presented on
> peasant revolts in 4th and 3rd century Gaul and France (and
possibly Britain)
> by a group identified as "Bagaudae" or "Baucadae." The word is
> Celtic of some kind, but no one (including the presenter) knew of
> etymology for it. Any takers?

It is most like related to the Irish words bag "combat", and
bagach "combative", as well as Middle(?) Welsh kymwy (*com-bag-
) "affliction", and likely meant something like "combatants". It has
the same suffix as Gaulish alauda "lark" (alouette) and bascauda.
See Xavier Delamarre's "Dictionnaire de la langue gauloise" (which
is the best resource for Gallo-Brittonic etymologies right now).

- Chris Gwinn