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Message: 16170
Date: 2002-10-11

english= cherfull

I have no ideea about how this word in albanian is , but in
rom. the is "vesel" like in slavic languages. Of course, cf
DEX "vesel" is a slavic loanword and subst. "veselie" is not a
derivat from "vesel" direct into romanian but a slavic form
too, "veselije"
My problem with that is this one:
In CIL III,3093 is a word, meant to be illirian which ist
translated as "felicitas" into latin, and this word is
That is a bit funny, don't you find?
And if so, even if "vesel" is a pan-slavic word, how I can
think that rom "veselia" is slavic then? how I have to see the
whole thing and which are the priorities here?