Re: Let dogs have their day too - No 'qma'

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 16135
Date: 2002-10-10

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> (That's an interesting word in itself - I have a vague
> recollection that one of the non-Tai members of the Tai-Kadai
> (Sui?) has qma: as a cognate for maa24. The Thai word is spelt
> <h><m><a:>. However, unless someone else produces a Tai-Kadai
> Swadesh word list, this word is statistically invalid.)

I couldn't find any trace of 'qma:' in my probable source - I must
have imagined it. The Sui form is cited as 'hmaa', but I am not sure
whether <hm> denotes the cluster [hm] or the voiceless nasal [m\0].