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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-10-09

Even the monophyletic status of South African Khoisan without Hadza and Sandawe (both in Tanzania) is widely questioned. Khoisan may be more realistically treated as a Sprachbund involving perhaps three different families whose relationship to one another is unclear. Those who assign Hadza and Sandawe to Khoisan classify them as coordinate sister branches of the whole South Africal phylum. The main reason for adding them to Khoisan is that they have clicks and are not otherwise classifiable (not even as related to each other). However, the Nguni branch of Bantu is also rich in clicks, and they are found in one South Cushitic language (Dahalo, in Kenya), so the mere existence of click phonemes cannot be considered a family diagnostic. The phonotactic properties of clicks in Hadza and Sandawe are different from those found in Khoisan of Nguni: Hadza and Sandawe permit them in non-initial positions. It's likely, given the modern distribution of click languages, that the enclaves in East Africa represent a residue of what was once a wide and continuous range of occurrence, with numerous "click families".
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From: Harald Hammarstrom
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You have any more info on Sandawe being an isolate Piotr? I thought it was as safely Khoisan as any Khoisan lang. is, although being far off to the north. It is true that they have the clicks though!?